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1 county hotel restaurant cafe bar pager wholesale a call system

by:Nanfone     2020-11-11
1 radio communicationwholesale county hotel restaurant cafe bar call system called the other party a. This kind of communication method of 'foot, mouth shouted' method is convenient, but I still have many shortcomings. Office table is unlikely to every worker have been equipped with a firm's internal telephone, application on the mobile phone is obvious also very inconvenient, and often both on mobile phones and fixed-line will encounter the problem of busy. office because of its convenience, convenient application and installation methods, widely used in department office space. Office, conference room, department, etc. And support multi-level management model. Function, with HIS network function, data accurate synchronization system can realize floor call intercom centralized management call this function has the call transfer function in all terminal equipment enclosure system needs to have good resistance to oxidation system of time automatic inspection can be carried out on the floor call monitoring, and be able to treat all call data for statistics, analysis and query technology, wiring simple: network using TCP/IP protocol to transmit data construction is convenient, networking materials mainly five line. The software automatically checks to sleep. If a person after location information is not he should be in the dormitory area, that is the exception information ( Leave or not) 。 Automatically sent to the waiter's new watch shows: note: zhang is still no bed in room 101. From midnight to 4 o 'clock in the morning, if someone, to leave the dorm is automatically reported to the staff. Under the condition of this kind of information is to set the trigger automatic call information, convenient staff management, save manpower. Query and trajectory playback: software with functions of query. Improve the working efficiency and nursing quality. Therefore, must take effective methods to make the elderly in nursing home safely, comfortably, and also make their felt secure with old man living in nursing homes. The nursing home staff how to position pager system, in view of the above requirements, developed a nursing home, home care center and intelligence personnel of the hospital call system. Through the system, can at any time to master the location of the old man nursing home and call information, intelligent bedroom examination, cross-border alarm, the old man writing an analysis and alarm prompt and so on the many kinds of intelligent management.
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