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A gangbei district vehicle station car antenna

by:Nanfone     2020-11-20
Gangbei district vehicle station car antenna an interested please search taobao shop: wireless electric equipment leasing company also can call me or contact WeChat ( Telephone and WeChat ID) Call a simple radio the popularization and application of big convenient in many different industries, especially manufacturing enterprises and electronics communication company. This conclusion radio has been brought to more and more and more highlights the necessity of parts, according to the number of user satisfaction to radio the popularization and application of not only convenient to solve the problem of the phone cost expensive, and convenient to solve the more people online at the same time communication difficult and often difficult, and other related problems. LTE is 3. 9 g products, follow-up support speed 1 GBPS LTE - large networks A real 4 g products, but three big operators call into 4 g. That is to say, the full version of the 4 g network speed to 1 GBPS. Thus, after the 4 g network speed will be more rapid, namely 4 g public cluster walkie-talkie user experience will be better and better. Because the 5 g itself covered and meet all users the cause of the high speed. Convenient manipulation: there are three programmable design keys, the user can be set up according to their own requirements for commonly used functions. Convenient function, handy. Roaming function: to realize the seamless switch terminal within the IP Internet communications network, free to move. More extensible function and provide a richer applications: optional register, patrolling, indoor positioning and a variety of analog signal more functions such as version, meet the application requirements of different customers, intelligent polymer lithium battery ( 2400 mah) 。 When can avoid stepless switch to adjust the volume of noise. Speech: support the battery to broadcast, support channel speech in both English and Chinese, and the voice can support custom, only need to provide voice sound source, can be designed according to customer requirements into a personalized way of broadcasting. Color code authentication: support color code authentication function, only color code of the same machine can be exchanged. Use on color code of relay system, different color code signal, will be rejected, extraneous signals into the programmable buttons.
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