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by:Nanfone     2020-11-21
Intercom manufacturers a lot treasure peak power quality walkie-talkie wholesale, large amount of the price, have intention to please contact phone/WeChat. Accompanied by interphone industry technical trend of sustainable development, more and more role in independent innovation and new technologies used in it. Bluetooth full duplex radio as a development trend of the development trend of radio in the future, its appearance is exquisite miniature, environmental protection, no radiation, and the advantages of full-duplex talkback system, let everybody know about traditional interphone industry commodity has a new upgrade. What is bluetooth? Bluetooth ( 蓝牙) Is a kind of power consumption of wireless communication technology, short route. It is the application data information video voice radio broadcasts into the frequency of the output, so it has no other unnecessary phone cost, only accounts for part of the frequency band width, whereas applications on mobile phones or fixed-line telecommunications many of phone cost. Apply more people online at the same time communication radio is blossoming and the use is convenient and quick to solve more people at the same time, online communication difficult problem. Application before the application of many public places are collected on the spot or conference call method play video or job content. GP338D handheld walkie-talkie seamlessly integrated voice and data, providing easy to use enhanced functionality and business critical advantages, such as intelligent audio. GP338D qwerty keyboard handheld radios can reshape the workplace and employee cooperation way, achieve higher efficiency. MOTOROLA GP338D digital walkie-talkie chargers models have? Chengdu xingda teng technology co. , LTD. The small make up to tell you there are three kinds: MOTOROLA GP328D, GP338D digital walkie-talkie chargers NNTN8224 standard charger is suitable for the MOTOROLA walkie-talkie p6600 series.
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