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Also the sea can reach base stations sell cheaper

by:Nanfone     2020-11-19
Also the sea can reach IP radio sell cheap to every era of the Internet. 4 g network is currently mature communication networks, and 4 g public cluster walkie-talkie and mature public walkie-talkie products, even 5 g signal opening, still faces coverage is not comprehensive, technology is not perfect, the price is higher, because the 4 g network can fully cope with the current basic public interphone application, upgrade of the meaning of 5 g is not very great. So in the short term the 4 g network is still the main network, using 4 g phones can completely meet the need. So, so much the user how to solve? I estimate three manufacturers can't afford the responsibility of management, even if so, we have the backing, don't worry about 4 g public walkie-talkie can't use! 5 g technology compared with 4 g, has better and faster speed. We experienced the 1 g to 4 g, obviously feeling is speed boost, so big change is the speed of 5 g, can be said to be the social change, is a kind of new communication technology, the future with artificial intelligence, big data. All areas, have obtained more widely used in: security, outdoor activities, sports, culture, restaurants, hotels, restaurants, film director, engineering and construction industry, harbour regulation etc. Especially in recent years, of course, the outdoor wind prevails, the outdoor type bluetooth intercom requirements also more and more obvious, in the use of different scenarios are of great development potential. XiR P8200 digital handheld two-way radios by two-way intercom function combined with digital technology to provide reliable communications.
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