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Anyang county hotel restaurant cafe bar call system pager wholesale cheap sale

by:Nanfone     2020-11-16
Anyang county hotel restaurant cafe bar call system radio communicationwholesale cheap sell factory direct sale, large amount of merit, have intention to please contact telephone or WeChat teahouse pager is divided into two parts, calls, and receive the guest use part is the pager, general installation on the counter, when the guest need to find the waiter order, add water, invoicing, no longer need a loud cry, just click on the loudspeaker, the waiter can be received by the bar or its carrying guests call at a time, very convenient, quick, both from the guest to find the waiter need to leave seat Shouting and dinner also beautify the environment, improve the efficiency of the waiter a job. Teahouse TXD02 tape wireless radio communicationpager function call service: customers are placed in service desk, used to receive the guest key contact information. Specification: 120 * 85 * 55 ( mm) , the shell material: ABS engineering plastics; 170 x 87 x 4 (menu panel: mm) Material: imported acrylic; Power supply: 1 section 12 v ( 6) making models: Laminated batteries; Key: the five key; Function: put here or private rooms. The guest need to press the button when the service, transmit digital signals to show host, service personnel will be in time to come to service. Call other room, the door terminal can display a number or call room number, and be able to speak to other room, when there are multiple sickbed calling at the same time, recycled showed multiple call information, support, images and text transmission can display photos; With the RFID module interface, can be expanded RFID positioning module; Instructions, product: JHDIP200 - teng xingda type Chinese characters display S08; Double lattice screen, double row shows; When there are multiple sickbed calling, recycled show multiple to shout header information and call; At the same time, also support ward door the door machine, ward calls, video calls, support; Under normal, according to the medical basic information content; Can dial key to any bed extension, nursing station on duty and extension, etc. , or any dialing call a bed, the door machine, nursing station, and any other employee office; Call there will be a new voice times or ringing; Medical personnel can query on medical host nearly 50 call records; Can be broadcast to all bed extension, to the nursing station and all other staff office broadcasting; Has greatly increased the raw food chain's service quality and service level, rapid fluid not the kui is a food and beverage service industry's little helper, foot bath is one of the liao nourishment treatment, can promote the foot blood circulation, achieve the goal of improving human health. Xin foot bath bucket is located in zhengzhou city tube city Cambridge business square, on the second floor is a foot bath, liao, cultivate one's morality, SPA as one of the places of cultivate one's morality, with professional technology, service wins the general customers praise and support. Xin foot bath bucket in seeking professional services.
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