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Area kenwood base stations at a low price wholesale bakeries

by:Nanfone     2020-11-19
Culture area kenwood IP radio at a low price wholesale walkie-talkies lease price average 10 yuan a day ( Indoor activities, small venues such as the market promotion, etc) Better a 20 day ( The outdoors, adventure travel for important meeting performance such as court) Public the interphone 50 one day a ( Road, such as the marathon distance requirement) T92 has integrated master of brightness, white with red light two kinds, namely bright touch water. Into the shell when water face in floating on the river, found easy to track. Shell is equipped with an emergency alarm button at the top, long press seconds, can spread the sound of loud, and the other IP words hands-free calls ( iVOX) To seek help from the junior partner of the company's industry data signal. Its belt agio can whistle when applications, such as to cause people's attention to or signal to the partner, it is simply removed from the radio and play. Can also maintain communication with two branches. In sudden situation, especially in, still can prevent important information content of oversight, more not to discern human accept which one data signal in wireless channel, just according to a key responded promptly, and can be to give voice to answer. Thus, prompting site led units and civil engineering construction crew on the spot result in more immediate communication, under the condition of the premise of cost savings, profits flow to improve the intercom communication efficiency. Convenient manipulation: there are three programmable design keys, the user can be set up according to their own requirements for commonly used functions. Convenient function, handy. Roaming function: to realize the seamless switch terminal within the IP Internet communications network, free to move. More extensible function and provide a richer applications: optional register, patrolling, indoor positioning and a variety of analog signal more functions such as version, meet the application requirements of different customers, intelligent polymer lithium battery ( 2400 mah) 。
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