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Fengfeng mining area pager factory wholesale cheap sale

by:Nanfone     2020-11-15
Fengfeng mining area radio communicationfactory wholesale cheap sell factory direct sale, strong penetrating power wireless pager, detailed please WeChat teahouse pager is divided into two parts of phone calls, call, and receive the guest use part is the pager, general installation on the counter, when the guest need to find the waiter order, add water, invoicing, no longer need a loud cry, just click on the loudspeaker, the waiter can be received by the bar or its carrying guests call at a time, very convenient, quick, both from the guest to find the waiter need to leave seat Shouting and dinner also beautify the environment, improve the efficiency of the waiter a job. Teahouse TXD02 tape wireless radio communicationradio communicationfunction call service: customers are placed in service desk, used to receive the guest key contact information. Specification: 120 * 85 * 55 ( mm) , the shell material: ABS engineering plastics; 170 x 87 x 4 (menu panel: mm) Material: imported acrylic; Power supply: 1 section 12 v ( 6) making models: Laminated batteries; Key: the five key; Function: put here or private rooms. The guest need to press the button when the service, transmit digital signals to show host, service personnel will be in time to come to service. Now has 26 directly-managed stores. Love is still in anhui Internet cafe, chain fashion at the Internet cafe, have pure and fresh environment and the broad masses of customers. To improve service efficiency, and further enhance the taste and competitiveness of Internet cafes, the two big chain Internet cafe head happen to coincide choice and teng xingda cooperation, for their own Internet cafe with butler service. Combined with Internet cafe services groups and industry characteristics, teng xingda recommended an ultra-thin fashion pager APE70 ultra-slim shape, at the same time of saving space, meet the needs of the customer service has become a feature of the Internet cafe. Scope: national organs, the procuratorial organs, and other places of interrogation, interrogation room key alarm system, alarm system trial is based on the visible interphone, WAN transmission technology based on LAN, interrogation command center as the core, during the trial of trial through remote visual speech by on-site real-time monitoring and guidance of the case. The emergency call can be key. Scope: national organs, the procuratorial organs, and other places of interrogation, interrogation room wireless call system, teng xingda interrogation room wireless alarm system.
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