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Floor pager wholesale a togtoh county site

by:Nanfone     2020-11-14
Togtoh county site floor pager wholesale a factory direct sale, strong penetrating power wireless pager, detailed please WeChat telephone contact by radio button, the door head of sound and light alarm, office screen, when the staff in the criminal justice, there is an emergency occurs, press the emergency button, sound and light alarm, door head office of the receiving host, which is showed an interrogation room in call, scheduling related personnel to support the site in a timely manner. Nursing intercom - room - Docking with the platform system, the two core bus system dedicated to the hospital, which can realize the patient, nursing, turn to call, between nursing can broadcast and mission for all patients. And support multi-level management model. Application places: hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes, confined center hospital call system, intercom (ward nursing D/a) Visit intercom system, the ICU ( IP network) , ward nursing intercom system ( The bus system) , ward nurse call system ( Wireless) , calling system, nursing home care call intercom ( IP network) , nurse call intercom ( Bus) , nurse call intercom ( General control) , nurse call, Wireless) , call system. Built-in high capacity battery, the use of the power battery double power supply method, under the condition of the elevator power can still work normally, will not work due to power outages caused delays. Will APE510 installed on each floor of a building under construction of each floor, place the receiving host within the building construction elevator. When floor construction personnel need to move or need material items, simply click on the floor of the pager, the receiving host can show the call number, floor broadcast call information. Teng xingda wireless radio communicationand breathe all the receiving host.
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