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Floor pager wholesale cheap wholesale keriya county site

by:Nanfone     2020-11-17
Floor radio communicationwholesale cheap wholesale keriya county site scope of application: national organs, the procuratorial organs, and other places of interrogation, interrogation room key alarm system, the trial alarm system based on visual speaker-phone, WAN transmission technology based on LAN, interrogation command center as the core, during the trial of trial through remote visual speech by on-site real-time monitoring and guidance of the case. The emergency call can be key. Scope: national organs, the procuratorial organs, and other places of interrogation, interrogation room wireless call system, teng xingda interrogation room wireless alarm system. Realize full-duplex talkback built-in speakers, hands-free calls and receive broadcast the built-in microphones, realize the two-way radio function, can terminal digital video recording function, intercom moment recorded audio files stored in SD card, free time to upload the equipment free time can play background music, intercom, interrupt automatically bring audio output can be an external active speakers with short circuit input, output, some peripheral devices can receive and control have Ethernet can access, across different network segment, routing, the product description. wholesale there is demand please contact phone orders information, booking services; System Settings, equipment online monitoring and upgrade; Call and request support and so on, the extension of the head of a bed with high oxidation resistance ABS shell material, guarantee the equipment for at least 3 years does not change color. Used to display the patient's in hospital and nursing information, an extension with call handle, handle request connection, easy replacement and maintenance, flexible cord length to stay in bed for a patient to ensure that the touch, the extension of the head of a bed to have extended interface, facilitating the function of the future extension; TFT high-resolution digital color LCD screen.
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