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Fushan county home pager wholesale price

by:Nanfone     2020-11-13
Fushan county radio communicationnursing home how many manufacturers selling wholesale price, big merit, have intention to please contact telephone or WeChat wiring simple: network using TCP/IP protocol to transmit data construction is convenient, networking materials mainly is super five line, wire is simple, end products can plug and play, long-distance transmission, using TCP/IP networking for there is no limit to the transmission distance, convenient system expands, multi-channel communication: using TCP/IP networking technology, which can realize the point-to-point transmission signal, networking support multi-channel call intercom system openness: the standardized standardized intercom transport protocol. Scope: national organs, the procuratorial organs, and other places of interrogation, interrogation room key alarm system, alarm system trial is based on the visible interphone, WAN transmission technology based on LAN, interrogation command center as the core, during the trial of trial through remote visual speech by on-site real-time monitoring and guidance of the case. The emergency call can be key. Scope: national organs, the procuratorial organs, and other places of interrogation, interrogation room wireless call system, teng xingda interrogation room wireless alarm system. Call of the patient and the operation mode of the intercom to each other. Application places: hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes, confined center, hospital ward nursing intercom, two core bus system dedicated to the hospital, can be realized, the turn between the call, can broadcast and mission for all patients, can be designed to improve the level of informatization of hospital nursing work and service. As the system structure by 'medical host, corridor double-sided screen, ward three color door lights and hospital beds of extension, waterproof bathroom emergency call button,. Interrogation room display system, wireless Jin Hui interrogation room wireless alarm system, is composed of radio buttons, door head display screen, when staff into an interrogation room work, press the button in the screen door, according to work, the press is free, door head display shows free. Know which room is empty when implementation work, which room is in the office, so as to improve the work efficiency, save a lot. Chengdu xingda teng intelligent technology co. , LTD. ( YuanYongLian communication) Was founded in 2007, is a focus radio communicationresearch and development manufacturing sales of high-tech enterprises; Hospital service | | | | | bank school nursing home hotel hotel | | teahouse restaurant.
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