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Hefei pager wholesale cheap nursing home for sale

by:Nanfone     2020-11-16
Nursing home in hefei radio communicationwholesale cheap sell factory direct sale, large amount of merit, have intention to please contact telephone or WeChat 5 w network communication protocol: TCP UDP SIP RTP network communication rate: 10/100 MBPS audio sampling: 8 k, 16 bit rate: 8 k - 128 k BPS camera: no interface: audio output, short circuit input 4 road, short circuit output 2 road, SD card slot, RJ4USB characteristics of high-grade aluminum alloy wire drawing panel interface function, strong and durable, can be surface mounted, can be embedded in a single bond call ( At a specified call objectives) 。 With TCP/IP protocol transmission video, audio, and many kinds of control signals. System by the host, and families visit host, visible interphone extension of the head of a bed, cantilever, families visit end can be an external large screen. Working principle: families end after the call, press the confirm button, and the corresponding sickbed extension of visible interphone. Scope of application: suitable for hospital ICU intensive care units, rooms and other places of visiting the intercom is the quarantine needed. System overview, prevent the nosocomial infection by the outside world. Formulary information, booking services; System Settings, equipment online monitoring and upgrade; Call and request support and so on, the extension of the head of a bed with high oxidation resistance ABS shell material, guarantee the equipment for at least 3 years does not change color. Used to display the patient's in hospital and nursing information, an extension with call handle, handle request connection, easy replacement and maintenance, flexible cord length to stay in bed for a patient to ensure that the touch, the extension of the head of a bed to have extended interface, facilitating the function of the future extension; TFT high-resolution digital color LCD screen. By standing host power supply, to ward door lamp, corridor double-sided screen bedside extension emergency call ext power supply. Realize the patient call, call the patient's and the operation mode of the intercom to each other. Application places: hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes, confined center, hospital ICU ward visual intercom, Jin Hui of ICU visit system is mainly used in the hospital ICU ward and family visits between the intercom, also may carry on the intercom, remote transmission system based on LAN, TCP/IP protocol transmission video, audio, and many kinds of control signals.
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