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How much can reach the price of base stations in wuqi county sea

by:Nanfone     2020-11-19
Can reach the price of IP radio in wuqi county sea how many walkie talkie lease price average 10 yuan a day ( Indoor activities, small venues such as the market promotion, etc) Better a 20 day ( The outdoors, adventure travel for important meeting performance such as court) Public the interphone 50 one day a ( Road, such as the marathon distance requirement) Can realize smooth transition simulation system. Through double time slots to accommodate more group communication: using TDMA time slot technology to improve spectrum efficiency greatly by, in addition to supporting the double time slot in transit mode function, at the same time support through the double time slot mode communication, on the basis of limited frequency resources can double channel capacity, alleviate the pressure of the multiple peak of communication through information, ensure real-time communication open. GPS( Optional) : built-in high precision GPS module, scheduling system. And since has the effect of radio will be more people calls to simplify, independent one can with stand in many different areas of people carry out fair conversational exchanges and communication. Many companies are often due to call before and already have trapped not. Is due to many instructions and way of working is in successive upgrade, and wireless interphone universalness and application will greatly increase the frequency of the call, also promote often call and difficulty for processing, this is due to the application in all walks of life can radio to the personnel clerk, publicity planning new orders or new way of working. Accompanied by interphone industry technical trend of sustainable development, more and more role in independent innovation and new technologies used in it. Bluetooth full duplex radio as a development trend of the development trend of radio in the future, its appearance is exquisite miniature, environmental protection, no radiation, and the advantages of full-duplex talkback system, let everybody know about traditional interphone industry commodity has a new upgrade. What is bluetooth? Bluetooth ( 蓝牙) Is a kind of power consumption of wireless communication technology, short route.
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