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How much is the wholesale ruoqiang pager factory

by:Nanfone     2020-11-12
Ruoqiang radio communicationfactory wholesale and how much money to TCP/IP protocol transmission video, audio, and many kinds of control signals. System by the host, and families visit host, visible interphone extension of the head of a bed, cantilever, families visit end can be an external large screen. Working principle: families end after the call, press the confirm button, and the corresponding sickbed extension of visible interphone. Scope of application: suitable for hospital ICU intensive care units, rooms and other places of visiting the intercom is the quarantine needed. System overview, prevent the nosocomial infection by the outside world. Name: intercom model key points JHD - IP network Embedded F2001SV product size: mm size: mm power: DC12V power consumption, 5 w network communication protocol: TCP UDP SIP RTP network communication rate: 10/100 MBPS audio sampling: 8 k, 16 bit rate: 8 k - 128 k BPS camera: COMS color camera interface: audio output, 4 way short circuit input, 2 way short circuit output. wholesale there is demand please call telephone to contact other room, the gate terminal can display a number or call room number, and be able to speak to other room, when there are multiple sickbed calling at the same time, recycled showed multiple call information, support, images and text transmission can display photos; With the RFID module interface, can be expanded RFID positioning module; Instructions, product: JHDIP200 - teng xingda type Chinese characters display S08; Double lattice screen, double row shows; When there are multiple sickbed calling, recycled show multiple to shout header information and call;
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