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How much money lucheng bao feng intercom wholesale

by:Nanfone     2020-11-21
Lucheng bao feng intercom wholesale how much money is not all their Internet limited, traffic and traffic cost saving, and reasonable improve customer performance, completed a specific area for the customer communication. In recent years, along with the application of the wireless interphone industry continues to widen, different fields of intercom choose demand also continuous optimization and established. Among them, the construction site of the interphone intercom as characters, is particularly important. Intercom at the construction site in the operation of the exactly give full play to what effect? - - 409 MHZ public interphone, without license LCD screen - - 20 channel 38 group simulation mute code, digital mute code - 83 units 5 kinds of call bells - VOX - a speakerphone calls - room, double channel Channel scan - Stop watch - Automatic shutdown - 9 v dc jack - Big range 1 to 6 km packing type: double packaging packaging containing: white host x 1; Yellow host x 1; Back clip x 2; The power adapter ( Direct charge) ×1; Nickel metal hydride battery x 2; Voltage instability is likely to be burnt charger, Application is not matched charger is likely to be destroyed cell; Often insert battery application to automatically switch machine or charge here above reduce battery life. Fashion beautiful TLKR t-50 public interphone with rechargeable batteries and double head type into charger, is that you keep in touch with family in the weekend real-time voice communication tool. Let the mood, let the t-50 every weekend for you to add, go on endlessly.
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