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How much money this county foot washing room pager wholesale

by:Nanfone     2020-11-16
This county foot washing room radio communicationwholesale and how much quantity big merit, have intention to call WeChat contact name: intercom model key points JHD - IP networks Embedded F2001SV product size: mm size: mm power: DC12V power consumption, 5 w network communication protocol: TCP UDP SIP RTP network communication rate: 10/100 MBPS audio sampling: 8 k, 16 bit rate: 8 k - 128 k BPS camera: COMS color camera interface: audio output, 4 way short circuit input, 2 way short circuit output. And support multi-level management model. Application places: hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes, confined center hospital call system, intercom (ward nursing D/a) Visit intercom system, the ICU ( IP network) , ward nursing intercom system ( The bus system) , ward nurse call system ( Wireless) , calling system, nursing home care call intercom ( IP network) , nurse call intercom ( Bus) , nurse call intercom ( General control) , nurse call, Wireless) , call system. Also can be applied to other requirements in the environment of high sensitivity interrogation room command intercom, interrogation command intercom system is based on visual speaker-phone, WAN transmission technology based on LAN, interrogation command center as the core, during the trial of trial through remote visual speech by on-site real-time monitoring and guidance of the case. At the same time bring a special bluetooth headset, report through headphones can be the guide and talk to each other. Guide the content of the talk only wearing headphones can hear, other per person can't hear.
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