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How much money wangjiang XianBao peak interphone manufacturers

by:Nanfone     2020-11-21
How much wangjiang XianBao peak interphone manufacturers professional walkie-talkie wholesale rental and leasing, high power high quality cost-effective interphone, inquiry contact phone number or add WeChat ( The phone number is WeChat ID) All areas, have obtained more widely used in: security, outdoor activities, sports, culture, restaurants, hotels, restaurants, film director, engineering and construction industry, harbour regulation etc. Especially in recent years, of course, the outdoor wind prevails, the outdoor type bluetooth intercom requirements also more and more obvious, in the use of different scenarios are of great development potential. XiR P8200 digital handheld two-way radios by two-way intercom function combined with digital technology to provide reliable communications. Can make full use of the excellent properties and safety coefficient of energy consumption level. Considering that the vast majority of flammable and combustible gas in the working environment and its various IIB level waterproof level limit used safety factor in work environment. Rechargeable battery explosion proof design of explosion-proof interphone rechargeable battery explosion proof design scheme is the key of the overall design of all, because if rechargeable batteries are produced will be likely to result in petrochemical equipment enterprises or power-stations can cause rapid ignition. Compatible with more devices, to ensure the user calls are not. Multi-mode emergency alarm and: emergency alarm function support high priority, and a variety of alarm mode, support radio detection, remote shoot ( Decoding) 、( Decoding) , work alone and remote ( Decoding) Such as remote business management functions. Custom volume: the level switch to adjust the volume, support small volume and the custom of the volume level, prevent inadvertently touched the volume switch volume due to the change, at the same time.
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