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How much room pager wholesale rong county

by:Nanfone     2020-11-12
Room how much radio communicationwholesale teng rong county xingda pager manufacturer wholesale, using large amount of preferential, express delivery order delivery easily, have intention to please contact phone number or WeChat inpatient display name and room number beds, nursing level, and so on and so forth. Mobile APP: install apk in the ordinary Android mobile equipment, through the distribution of hospital account password to access, to make operation, and launch a remote visit call operation. Installation effect wireless call system, along with the increasing people's living standard, more and more high-grade places all around us, each service quality determines their product competitiveness, Jin Hui of wireless calling system. By the power distribution cabinet power supply, each ward setting a power distribution cabinet, to be a ward extension door light, emergency call ext power supply. Ward door machine through power box for electric lock and its own power supply. Simulation structure of a power more than four beds extension support, sickbed extension super five kinds of cable between control within 50 m. Can be realized between the hospital and sickbed patients call, intercom, radio, and other functions, and support multi-level management model. Application places: hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes, confined center hospital ward nursing the intercom. Panoramic and close shot video calls: each ICU bedside to deploy a web camera, from close shot video switch to the panoramic video recording, sound recording or video recording of the process in which to call, and can record the call, and recording video files can be stored directly on the extension and the host, can also be exported to a computer and storage; Support extension, host, free time, can automatically upload the recording video file on the specified. Get in a word, during the visit, in families and medical staff cut in China by its standing host for operation.
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