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Huai bin county of the sea can reach base stations

by:Nanfone     2020-11-18
Huai bin county of the sea can reach IP radio a 2/4 tile ( UHF) O the USB programming interface, with thin lithium ion batteries. Need to use A9D, special programming cable. Hyt sea can reach PD560 commercial radio analog/digital to analog double time slot cluster function and waterproof and dustproof shockproof, product category, the sea can reach digital interphone, commercial digital interphone, PD56 analog + digital dual mode ( Smooth transition) , digital sound technology, speech is more outstanding, DMO True 2 - Slot。 Warm prompt every time after the normal charge, will take off, walkie-talkie batteries in the charger, please again too much charge will reduce intercom battery life. Therefore, do not have to keep the charger as the base of the intercom and application. Warm prompt only in walkie-talkie batteries must be charging is in charge. Does not have to complete charge and discharge the battery, when application in advance to prepare long-term interphone, should take a reserve battery. It is must be long-term use interphone customer effective solution. T92 has integrated master of brightness, white with red light two kinds, namely bright touch water. Into the shell when water face in floating on the river, found easy to track. Shell is equipped with an emergency alarm button at the top, long press seconds, can spread the sound of loud, and the other IP words hands-free calls ( iVOX) To seek help from the junior partner of the company's industry data signal. Its belt agio can whistle when applications, such as to cause people's attention to or signal to the partner, it is simply removed from the radio and play.
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Unlike the waterproof radio Radio with bluetooth, the is more flexibly used in accasions where wireless radio headsets .
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