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Jiangyou projector rental professional leasing company in chengdu

by:Nanfone     2020-11-21
Jiangyou chengdu projector rental professional leasing company blu-ray discs, video games and the content of the high-definition television channels, is the domestic few digits projector with 3 d effect, provide a stunning visual experience, meters, extremely meters of chengdu science and technology co. , LTD aspires to develop quality, sound quality experience without the screen of the TV, make intelligent family projection into the homes, let everybody can touch the magic of science and technology to the intelligence. M H2 projector, price: 4399 yuan, a m H2 using DLP projection technology, the brightness of 983 ANSI lumens. With the very basic configuration parameters is the same as the m H2, but the price is cheaper than a m this product a lot. Although its use is Amlogic chip, but after all is their flagship chip T96 said ning do PND tail-on, from this point of view, nuts J7 strategy is very clear. Paragraph 4: extremely m H2 meters H2 is listed on the new product in May this year or so, but it is the Mstar chip was used 6 a83 it let people have a little think impassability. Accessible point is, lighting source is without the lens or other factors reducing the brightness. Another, ANSI lumens projector lumens is recognized by the world accepted international standard unit. ANSI lumens is after after the feeding of brightness, borrow a metaphor for the sun, the sun itself is light brightness, and sun exposure to the us is the projector after reducing the brightness of the projection on the wall. The projection on the wall of brightness is ANSI lumens. Nuts J7 projector, price: RMB 4499, nuts J7 for ANSI lumens ( Is equal to about 3200 light lumen) , projection images for 1080 p resolution, and also supports HDR10 high dynamic range image, to provide more details in the picture, etc. Compared to traditional projector bulb, nuts J7 projection in many ways more humanized, more suitable for home. Due to its itself with the intelligent system, 2. 4/5 GHZ dual-band WiFi.
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