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Jinfeng district room a pager wholesale

by:Nanfone     2020-11-10
Jinfeng district room radio communicationwholesale a factory direct sale, strong penetrating power wireless pager, detailed please contact WeChat telephone wire is simple, end products can plug and play, long-distance transmission, using TCP/IP networking there is no limit to the transmission distance, convenient system expands, multi-channel communication: using TCP/IP networking technology, which can realize the point-to-point signal transmission, networking support multi-channel call intercom system openness: the standardized standardized transport protocol, intercom provide standardized open interface, strong anti-jamming capability all audio and video, control signals using digital network. Interrogation room intercom ( IP network) , cell intercom ( IP network) Call system, jail, interview room emergency call system ( Wireless) , the bank call system, ATM machine a key alarm system, calling system, school dormitory call office ( IP network) , is designed. the call ( IP network) , hotel hotel call system, calls the bar rooms, tea restaurant call system, cell compartment call system call system intercom ( IP network cell visual intercom. Realize full-duplex talkback built-in speakers, hands-free calls and receive broadcast the built-in microphones, realize the two-way radio function, can terminal digital video recording function, intercom moment recorded audio files stored in SD card, free time to upload the equipment free time can play background music, intercom, interrupt automatically bring audio output can be an external active speakers with short circuit input, output, some peripheral devices can receive and control have Ethernet can access, across different network segment, routing, the product description.
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