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Jiyang sea can express distribution of base stations

by:Nanfone     2020-11-18
Jiyang sea can express distribution of IP radio bluetooth wireless communication specification as small category, larger advantage is that electronic products in the middle can according to the bluetooth wireless network connection, to eliminate the traditional cable connection. Everybody everyday life more understand bluetooth headset, bluetooth stereo is the basic principle. In recent years, interphone industry further combining with new technology new technology, bluetooth intercom there is a big improvement. Intercom supplement bluetooth headset application, not only can release the voice of his hands, also can have our voice calls. It is the application data information video voice radio broadcasts into the frequency of the output, so it has no other unnecessary phone cost, only accounts for part of the frequency band width, whereas applications on mobile phones or fixed-line telecommunications many of phone cost. Apply more people online at the same time communication radio is blossoming and the use is convenient and quick to solve more people at the same time, online communication difficult problem. Application before the application of many public places are collected on the spot or conference call method play video or job content. , of course, if you are using a public network cluster walkie-talkie domestic intelligent machines, for data returned, images, video transmission, there will be more convenient. At present, the distribution of 5 g band is MHZ, 4800 MHZ - 5000 MHZ, has been basically clear MHZ to 5 g indoor distribution is used, then he said, the rest of the low frequency band is covered in MHZ can be used as a 5 g. We know is, the higher the frequency of the wireless signal attenuation, the greater the penetration performance will be poor.
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