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LangXi springs county sheng ip500a intercom wholesale price

by:Nanfone     2020-11-19
LangXi springs county sheng ip500a intercom wholesale price how many high power high quality wholesale walkie-talkies, large amount of the price, have intention to please contact phone/WeChat. Bluetooth wireless communication specification as small category, a larger advantage is that electronic products in the middle can according to the bluetooth wireless network connection, to eliminate the traditional cable connection. Everybody everyday life more understand bluetooth headset, bluetooth stereo is the basic principle. In recent years, interphone industry further combining with new technology new technology, bluetooth intercom there is a big improvement. Intercom supplement bluetooth headset application, not only can release the voice of his hands, also can have our voice calls. When can avoid stepless switch to adjust the volume of noise. Speech: support the battery to broadcast, support channel speech in both English and Chinese, and the voice can support custom, only need to provide voice sound source, can be designed according to customer requirements into a personalized way of broadcasting. Color code authentication: support color code authentication function, only color code of the same machine can be exchanged. Use on color code of relay system, different color code signal, will be rejected, extraneous signals into the programmable buttons. MOTOROLA GP328D, GP338D digital interphone. MOTOROLA GP328D, GP338D digital walkie-talkie chargers WPLN421IMPRES unite the charger is suitable for the MOTOROLA digital interphone XIR P8200 digital interphone, XIRP8208 digital interphone, XIR P8268 digital interphone, XIR P8260 digital interphone, XIR P8608 digital interphone.
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