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Liuhe district nursing home phone WeChat pager wholesale manufacturer

by:Nanfone     2020-11-17
Liuhe district nursing home phone WeChat radio communicationwholesale manufacturer called the other party. This kind of communication method of 'foot, mouth shouted' method is convenient, but I still have many shortcomings. Office table is unlikely to every worker have been equipped with a firm's internal telephone, application on the mobile phone is obvious also very inconvenient, and often both on mobile phones and fixed-line will encounter the problem of busy. office because of its convenience, convenient application and installation methods, widely used in department office space. Office, conference room, department, etc. Connection status signal can be real-time display system. This site with an ageing society, the rapid development of the empty nest and sick, will make more and more old people live in a nursing home or home endowment service center. Old man more and more, thus brings to the existing pension management on the pressure, the old man nursing quality and safety issues highlighted, if the service personnel is limited, can't timely to each position of the old man, old man burst problem or emergency, unable to contact the staff or workers can't timely and accurate access to the site of the old man and call information categories. wholesale there is demand please contact phone to realize patient calls, call the patient's and the operation mode of the intercom to each other. Application places: hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes, confined center, technical parameters of the environment temperature: 0 Relative temperature 40 ℃ system power consumption, 30 w, 80% extension output power: 60 mw environmental noise, 60 db power: AC220V 50 hz bus voltage: 22 v wire requirements ( Communication distance) : 1 - 100 m ( Diameter of 0. More than 75 mm square meters ( More than one square millimeters in diameter m ( 1 in diameter. More than 5 mm square) Pieces product features in Chinese liquid crystal display of menu operation.
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