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Liujiang teahouse pager wholesale price

by:Nanfone     2020-11-14
Liujiang teahouse pager wholesale price how many strong penetrating distance radio communicationwholesale direct manufacturers, large amount of merit, have intention to please contact telephone or WeChat procurement: intercom extension of the head of a bed 4. 3 inch JHD - IP200 - F04 * indicates mandatory, name: the head of a bed model intercom points JHD - IP200 - F05 specifications, 5 mm screen: 5 inch TFT color LCD screen resolution operating mode: touch. Rapid transmission function keys: TCP/IP network input power supply: 12 v DC power: standby working temperature: 3 w 5 w c relative humidity: 10% Installation method: 90% wall-mounted patient information display. Scope: national organs, the procuratorial organs, and other places of interrogation, interrogation room key alarm system, alarm system trial is based on the visible interphone, WAN transmission technology based on LAN, interrogation command center as the core, during the trial of trial through remote visual speech by on-site real-time monitoring and guidance of the case. The emergency call can be key. Scope: national organs, the procuratorial organs, and other places of interrogation, interrogation room wireless call system, teng xingda interrogation room wireless alarm system. Wireless service call for places like rooms and are scattered, when the guest need service, add water, alcohol, or the checkout line, are the corresponding button, wireless call the waiter by Chinese watches information machine, LED screen and radio to receive the guest's contact information. Ward nursing talkback system, the system structure, by medical host IP network, multimedia information publishing, Chinese display ( Network conversion module) Extension, extension and ward beds, waterproof bathroom emergency call button, three color of door light.
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