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Longting floor pager wholesale cheap wholesale site

by:Nanfone     2020-11-10
Longting site floor radio communicationwholesale cheap wholesale interested please search taobao shops: a wireless electric equipment leasing company have intention to please taobao search shops: a wireless electric equipment leasing company have intention to please taobao search shops: a wireless electric equipment leasing company all kinds of radio communicationspot second hair! Big 6 w working temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, function characteristics, telephone, intercom, call other medical host or sickbed extension answering the door machine, ward call, call the list of information packet radio ward hosting service equipment online monitoring of time switch machine and upgrade, extensions, monitoring ward of the associated network camera is made of 10 inches or more color LCD display screen, a resolution of pixels, desktop, can support the call list, according to medical personnel can be hands-free or the receiver to handle the call; , both by the host power supply, to ward door lamp, corridor double-sided screen bedside extension emergency call ext power supply. Realize the patient call, call the patient's and the operation mode of the intercom to each other. Application places: hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes, confined center, hospital ICU ward visual intercom, Jin Hui of ICU visit system is mainly used in the hospital ICU ward and family visits between the intercom, also may carry on the intercom, remote transmission system based on LAN, TCP/IP protocol transmission video, audio, and many kinds of control signals. System by the host, and families visit host, visible interphone extension of the head of a bed, cantilever, families visit end can be an external large screen. Working principle: families end after the call, press the confirm button, and the corresponding sickbed extension of visible interphone. Scope of application: suitable for hospital ICU intensive care units, rooms and other places of visiting the intercom is the quarantine needed. Ward nursing talkback system, the system structure, by medical host IP network, multimedia information publishing, Chinese display ( Network conversion module) 。
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