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Madoi car wholesale price

by:Nanfone     2020-11-20
Madoi vehicle-mounted sets wholesale price intercom wholesale sales rental maintenance frequency modulation communication engineering to every era of the Internet. 4 g network is currently mature communication networks, and 4 g public cluster walkie-talkie and mature public walkie-talkie products, even 5 g signal opening, still faces coverage is not comprehensive, technology is not perfect, the price is higher, because the 4 g network can fully cope with the current basic public interphone application, upgrade of the meaning of 5 g is not very great. So in the short term the 4 g network is still the main network, using 4 g phones can completely meet the need. 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It is the application data information video voice radio broadcasts into the frequency of the output, so it has no other unnecessary phone cost, only accounts for part of the frequency band width, whereas applications on mobile phones or fixed-line telecommunications many of phone cost. Apply more people online at the same time communication radio is blossoming and the use is convenient and quick to solve more people at the same time, online communication difficult problem. Application before the application of many public places are collected on the spot or conference call method play video or job content. 1800 mah lithium polymer batteries, super long standby bluetooth wireless communication specification as small category, larger advantage is that electronic products in the middle can according to the bluetooth wireless network connection, to eliminate the traditional cable connection. Everybody everyday life more understand bluetooth headset, bluetooth stereo is the basic principle. In recent years, interphone industry further combining with new technology new technology, bluetooth intercom there is a big improvement. Intercom supplement bluetooth headset application, not only can release the voice of his hands, also can have our voice calls. 8 W transmission power, suitable for transportation, property management, construction sites, shopping, leisure, hotel industry such as small and light appearance, fashionable stencil horn hole appearance small and light, with fashionable stencil speaker hole, let many users love at first sight. 16 channel can store up to 16 channels, set more user groups, make your phone more privacy. The digital audio/the tone ( CTCSS/CDCSS) This function can avoid listening on the same channel is not related to the call. Voice control ( VOX) Function without press [ PTT) Communication can be, the key, open the voice control function is very suitable for some special cases, the user's hands are occupied. Intercom emergency alarm function can be their own ID sent to the company or the current background or turning center, at the same time to * alarm sound volume. Press [ MONI] Key, can be difficult to hear the faint sound of during normal operation, and can when no signal, using volume control knob to adjust the volume. Launch period TOT timer limit intercom each launch time, prevent any caller take channel time is too long, effectively avoid due to careless to take up the phenomenon of channel and radio launch for a long time and cause machine damage. Low electricity prompt battery alert users automatically when being insufficient charge. Computer ( PC) Programming can be through the cable to connect the computer programming. The company mainly for: intercom rental for media companies, a wedding, outdoor, travel company to provide communications convenient, brand-new interphone, convenient and flexible for use. The company also do walkie-talkie maintenance, sales and wholesale walkie-talkies. Welcome to inquire. The company in good faith, service for the purpose. It can realize real-time positioning. Run backward function ( Optional) : pay close attention to the life safety of the staff at any time, timely warning. Excellent reliable performance indicators: rigorous design and components selection, sophisticated design technology, accord with standard of beauty with MIL - STD - 810 c/D/E/F/G, IP66 industrial protection grade design, in various harsh environment can exert excellent performance, reliable and durable quality. Voice encryption, secure communications have security: ARC support for voice encryption algorithm. Chengdu, chengdu walkie-talkie sales walkie-talkie sales the kenwood MOTOROLA walkie-talkie sales chengdu walkie-talkie sales address: chengdu thesis second ring road west three sections of Taurus heald trade building 5, 181 more than 503 staff scheduling construction site among common crane operators and civil engineering construction crew on the spot, also includes worker, librarians, librarians, engineering surveyor, engineering supervision. Different position of personnel division of labor is not the same, scheduling and communication between each other but must produce a unified communication architecture, especially in the different level how to effective communication is a top priority. Intercom has completed the 'sort' voice of the actual effect. It has double waiting and double sent.
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