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Mohe kenwood walkie-talkie wholesale and how much money

by:Nanfone     2020-11-21
Mohe kenwood walkie-talkie wholesale how much interested please taobao search shops: a wireless electric equipment leasing company also can call me or add WeChat contact ( Telephone and WeChat ID) Although say 2 g network is stable, the disadvantage of slow speed, but the network has more not on time. After full of 5 g 4 g public interphone what should I do? And the arrival of 5 g, network and communication methods to bring the huge production, will also affect our life, so, if the 2 g closed, it doesn't really affect us, after all, now many intercom manufacturers have very little in the production of 2 g interphone, but does not rule out some undesirable businessman with a 2 g products cheat customer, but if 4 g shut down. For now, the phone most of the time still used one-on-one. Thus it can be seen in the process of making, the necessity of the interphone. So, the question comes, how to choose and buy a good radio? In addition to price, we also need to consider its function, and durability. Chengdu teng xingda intelligent technology co. , LTD. , provided by the MOTOROLA product XiR M318 on-board radio is a good choice. Whether your staff, scheduling trucks to transport the goods are still in the driving school bus. Thus, 4 g public cluster walkie-talkie although cannot access 5 g network, but can use it. 5 g standards to R15 version, only completed the eMBB ( Enhanced mobile broadband) Parameters, that is to say, the 5 g and 4 g mobile phone, one is likely to be the advantages of big 10 GBPS network speed. However, it is important, however, individual users can really enjoy the 10 GBPS network speed? Really use the speed up 10 GBPS network service? It also compatible with advanced MOTOTRBO required functions, such as key communication to launch interrupt priority ( Only decoding) Function. MOTOROLA XiR M3188 vehicle platform is simple and easy to use, clear communication, improve the work efficiency to a great extent. Motorola also provides MOTOTRBO XiR M368 alphanumeric display screen car radios. The general specification M3188 UHFVHF channel capacity typical low power rf output 1-16 25 w1 - 25 and 25 w high power 40 w25 - Frequency MHzMHz dimension (45 w High * width * thickness) 44 * 169 * 134 mm 1 in weight. 3 kg channel spacing 12. 5 KHZ / 25 KHZ to simulate sensitivity 0. 3UV0. 22 typical digital uv sensitivity 5% BER: 0. 25 uv intermodulation distortion TIA603C70dB75dBETS60dB60dB audio @ rated audio audio response + - 3% Spurious emission - 3 db conduction 57 interval of 12 DBM transmitter channel. 5 KHZ/power output low power 1-25 KHZ 25 and 25 w high power 40 w + - audio response 3 12 DBFM modulation way. 5 KHZ: 11 k0f3e25khz: 1 k0f3e4fsk digital modulation 12. 5 KHZ data only: 7 k60fxd12. 5 KHZ data and voice: 7 k60fxe digital AMBE vocoder type + 2 tm the w in chengdu xingda teng technology co. , LTD.
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