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Motuo county hotel restaurant cafe bar call system phone WeChat pager wholesale manufacturer

by:Nanfone     2020-11-16
Motuo county hotel restaurant cafe bar system radio communicationwholesale manufacturers call WeChat interested please search taobao shops: a wireless electric equipment leasing company have intention to please taobao search shops: a wireless electric equipment leasing company have intention to please taobao search shops: a wireless electric equipment leasing company all kinds of radio communicationspot second hair! Big 3 w working temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ call intercom patient information display orders or medical information query nursing care bill and request support service time switch machine equipment online monitoring and upgrade the network education, music and television sound access extensions, support external webcam shows infusion and other external equipment detection alarm installation method: embedded taken the extension of the head of a bed with high oxidation resistance ABS shell material, guarantee the equipment for at least 3 years does not change color. Ban family carers, ICU. Because families, isolated, need to introduce video resolution set high, voice communication is smooth visit system, for families and provide convenient communication between the Bridges. Hospital ICU visit system is mainly to solve any visit families through nursing station observation link to the corresponding sickbed. Or family members can use mobile devices via the Internet to remote visitation, Intranet by medical personnel through to hospital ICU beds, establish two-way video calls between families and quick channel technology. And support multi-level management model. Application places: hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes, confined center hospital call system, intercom (ward nursing D/a) Visit intercom system, the ICU ( IP network) , ward nursing intercom system ( The bus system) , ward nurse call system ( Wireless) , calling system, nursing home care call intercom ( IP network) , nurse call intercom ( Bus) , nurse call intercom ( General control) , nurse call, Wireless) , call system.
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