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Nanchong activity dedicated stereo rent cheap rent

by:Nanfone     2020-11-23
Nanchong activities are sound rent cheap rent stage audio: RMB 200 / a day/wireless bluetooth speakers: RMB 100 / a/d normal intercom: 10 yuan/a day/good intercom: 20 yuan/a day/projector + curtain: RMB 300 / a day/a single projector: RMB 200 / a/d bee megaphone: 20 yuan/a/d there is demand please call or contact WeChat sensitivity reasonable design parameters is very important. Especially directivity super heart-shaped, loud pressure, such as signal-to-noise ratio according to the requirements of different products and different requirements, combining with the design. Families are electroacoustic technology was founded in 1999, the specialty is engaged in the performance microphone, wireless microphone, wired microphone, KTV microphone, conference microphone, microphone mi core acoustic products such as autonomy, science and technology enterprises. After more than 20 years to focus on the quality of research and development, in the field of electro-acoustic has a good reputation. Customers are free to writing room, instantaneous speed transfer transmitter matching, improve the operational efficiency of the KTV. The pearl paint surface treatment, contracted and fashionable appearance, strong hands sweat and alcohol resistance. Mute the frequency function of infrared automatic magnetic switch, durable. Used with terminal and screw connection, convenient conversion, T300 details show, wood bomo cloth has focused on the microphone sound quality in the field of research and development, the choice of the KTV microphone 24 hours. Font shows different colors before and after the frequency, convenient and confirm whether holding on the frequency. Intelligent key functions: automatic search can be a key to frequency, frequency, manual FM frequency, volume, lock function, receives the distance can be adjusted according to actual needs and handheld display battery at the same time. G660 performance characteristics of the microphone sound quality, bring their own tone modification, singing relaxed, bass voice thick, rich in high frequency, and have warm feeling, the key to solve the performance place singer singing into the wheat, high-pitched couldn't get on, using large international brand.
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