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Nanfeng hotel restaurant cafe bar call system pager wholesale cheap sale

by:Nanfone     2020-11-17
Nanfeng hotel restaurant cafe bar call system radio communicationwholesale cheap sell factory direct sale, strong penetrating power wireless pager, detailed please contact WeChat phone two core bus system dedicated to the hospital, can be realized, the turn between the call, broadcasting and education for all patients, can be designed to improve the level of informatization of hospital nursing work and service. As the system structure by 'medical host, corridor double-sided screen, ward three color door lights and hospital beds of extension, waterproof bathroom emergency call button,. By standing host power supply, to ward door lamp, corridor double-sided screen bedside extension emergency call ext power supply. Implement the patient calls. Interrogation room intercom ( IP network) , cell intercom ( IP network) Call system, jail, interview room emergency call system ( Wireless) , the bank call system, ATM machine a key alarm system, calling system, school dormitory call office ( IP network) , is designed. the call ( IP network) , hotel hotel call system, calls the bar rooms, tea restaurant call system, cell compartment call system call system intercom ( IP network cell visual intercom. Mainly used to display the ward, patient, director of the department, the nursing information such as long, doctor, nurse, requires flexible door identifier, can be removed, to do laser engraving, printing, meet different hospital decoration design style; TFT high-resolution digital color LCD screen, the material is A new rule, master control chip, adopts ARM architecture; Can query the nursing care in and out of the room; Emergency call, the call of the head of a bed or toilet room the door the door of the room must be equipped with flashing red lights indicate, nursing into room normally on the back light green indicator;
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