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Our caravan left changli county home pager wholesale cheap sale

by:Nanfone     2020-11-14
Our caravan left changli county pager nursing home sales of the wholesale cheap big merit, have intention to contact telephone WeChat ward three color door lights and hospital beds of extension, waterproof bathroom emergency call button,. By standing host power supply, to ward door lamp, corridor double-sided screen bedside extension emergency call ext power supply. Realize the patient call, call the patient's and the operation mode of the intercom to each other. Application places: hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes, confined center, technical parameters, the environment temperature: 0 Relative temperature 40 ℃ system power consumption, 30 w, 80% extension output power: 60 mw environmental noise. Each placed in subordinate office screen to accept or in the opposite direction to accept small, guide and hold subordinates the function keys, matching the subordinate office have video voice or remind. How to: several guide to match a subordinate. Each guide at the office to install a single bond pager. In the subordinate office to install a screen is acceptable, which lead to press the pager, subordinate can accept according to the screen on which is the number of clear call. is mainly used in the following places. 60 db power: AC220V 50 hz bus voltage: 22 v wire requirements ( Communication distance) : 1 - 100 m ( Diameter of 0. More than 75 mm square meters ( More than one square millimeters in diameter m ( 1 in diameter. More than 5 mm square) Product features, Chinese LCD display of menu operation, three color door light function, 12 music optional, extension of grouping selects features, voice number, the volume can be set up, the volume during the day night pieces pieces automatic conversion extension for broadcasting machine ring switch: the host with the bell switch button.
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