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Qingshen county kenwood base stations sell cheap

by:Nanfone     2020-11-18
Kenwood qingshen county IP radio sell cheap radio lease price average 10 yuan a day ( Indoor activities, small venues such as the market promotion, etc) Better a 20 day ( The outdoors, adventure travel for important meeting performance such as court) Public the interphone 50 one day a ( Road, such as the marathon distance requirement) Need to charge and discharge completely before charging completely. Nickel-chromium battery ( NickelCadmium) Or nickel metal hydride batteries ( NickeMetalHydride) Charging 14 - 16 hours. Lithium ion battery and lithium polymer battery ( Lithiumlon /聚合物) : the charge for the first time show light discoloration, 1 - filling 2 hours. Warm prompt every application rapid charger, please after charging indicator light discoloration in more than 1 - 2 hours. Voltage instability is likely to be burnt charger, Application is not matched charger is likely to be destroyed cell; Often insert battery application to automatically switch machine or charge here above reduce battery life. Fashion beautiful TLKR t-50 public interphone with rechargeable batteries and double head type into charger, is that you keep in touch with family in the weekend real-time voice communication tool. Let the mood, let the t-50 every weekend for you to add, go on endlessly. Everyone is obvious. And construction site personnel must under the serious noise affect the natural environment of communication, must have to get rid of it. Intercom choose as far as possible with high quality speech, high level of noise and disturbance rejection. Mute function can finished yes answer the practical effect based on the application of environmental damage. Large construction site noise and a lot of influence, in the application process can reduce noise, improve the call quality, let the customer voice in the whole process of sending and receiving video voice Babel in the natural environment can also clear voice.
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