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Quanjiao pager wholesale cheap sale

by:Nanfone     2020-11-17
Quanjiao rooms radio communicationwholesale cheap sell when using this system, each old man wearing a rechargeable positioning radio communicationbracelets ( Rechargeable 20 - at a time 35 days, standby length associated with positioning accuracy and calling frequency) , each staff to wear a watch in Chinese information machine, you can receive the old man's warning and positioning information anytime and anywhere, can also receive automatic management behavior alarm message. In addition to locate the watch information machine, the staff can be controlled by computer, screen, such as TV, newspaper accept call alarm information. Simple wire, terminal products can plug and play, long-distance transmission, using TCP/IP networking for there is no limit to the transmission distance, convenient system expands, multi-channel communication: using TCP/IP networking technology, which can realize the point-to-point transmission signal, networking support multi-channel call intercom system openness: the standardized standardized transport protocol, intercom provide standardized open interface anti-interference ability is strong, the audio and video, control signals using digital network. wholesale there is demand please telephone contact can not be timely and effective response, will cause irreparable loss and consequences. In addition, the management of the nursing home with the help of modern IT software, electronics, information technology, such as intelligence, automation, improve work efficiency and nursing quality, so must take effective ways to make the old man can safely, comfortable living in a nursing home, also make the lives of the children of the old man nursing home old people at ease. In view of the above requirements, developed a set of nursing homes, home pension center and intelligence personnel of the hospital call system.
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