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Ruoergai county treasure peak interphone manufacturers price

by:Nanfone     2020-11-20
Zoig treasure peak intercom manufacturer price can avoid stepless switch to adjust the volume when the noise. Speech: support the battery to broadcast, support channel speech in both English and Chinese, and the voice can support custom, only need to provide voice sound source, can be designed according to customer requirements into a personalized way of broadcasting. Color code authentication: support color code authentication function, only color code of the same machine can be exchanged. Use on color code of relay system, different color code signal, will be rejected, extraneous signals into the programmable buttons. Multiple staff scheduling construction site apart from common crane operators and civil engineering construction crew on the spot, also includes worker, librarians, librarians, engineering surveyor, engineering supervision. Different position of personnel division of labor is not the same, scheduling and communication between each other but must produce a unified communication architecture, especially in the different level how to effective communication is a top priority. Intercom has completed the 'sort' voice of the actual effect. It has double waiting and double sent. Explosion-proof design scheme of explosion-proof interphone might also include some spare parts explosion-proof circuit design scheme of rf connector. Generally in petrochemical equipment, coal mine and coal power stations and other places use spare parts rf connector, rf connector should try to avoid spare parts show in risk in the air, in the case of without using dust cap can be adopted for covering and, of course, if can be based on circuit design scheme to improve parts explosion-proof type characteristics of rf connector will be more conducive to improve safety performance.
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