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Suide 4 g phone WeChat intercom wholesale manufacturer

by:Nanfone     2020-11-20
Suide 4 g phone intercom wholesale manufacturer WeChat with interphone industry technical trend of sustainable development, more and more role in independent innovation and new technologies used in it. Bluetooth full duplex radio as a development trend of the development trend of radio in the future, its appearance is exquisite miniature, environmental protection, no radiation, and the advantages of full-duplex talkback system, let everybody know about traditional interphone industry commodity has a new upgrade. What is bluetooth? Bluetooth ( 蓝牙) Is a kind of power consumption of wireless communication technology, short route. Bluetooth wireless communication specification as small category, a larger advantage is that electronic products in the middle can according to the bluetooth wireless network connection, to eliminate the traditional cable connection. Everybody everyday life more understand bluetooth headset, bluetooth stereo is the basic principle. In recent years, interphone industry further combining with new technology new technology, bluetooth intercom there is a big improvement. Intercom supplement bluetooth headset application, not only can release the voice of his hands, also can have our voice calls. (2/4 tile UHF) O the USB programming interface, with thin lithium ion batteries. Need to use A9D, special programming cable. Hyt sea can reach PD560 commercial radio analog/digital to analog double time slot cluster function and waterproof and dustproof shockproof, product category, the sea can reach digital interphone, commercial digital interphone, PD56 analog + digital dual mode ( Smooth transition) , digital sound technology, speech is more outstanding, DMO True 2 - Slot。
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