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by:Nanfone     2021-01-11
Zhumadian teahouse phone WeChat radio communicationwholesale manufacturers direct marketing, strong penetrating power wireless pager, detailed please contact WeChat phone at this time the other party play a friendly voice, mainly increase between the families and medical staff friendly prompt functions. Key call: visit an extension, sickbed calling station host extension support key. Check the bed: stand host support to check a doctor of patients condition and disease. Ward door: stand host can control the opening of the ward door lock, and to visit people visual intercom, in order to realize the ward door access to visit management. LCD patient at table: system support access to the LCD. Each, assistant or driver must accept the information content of staff take a ShouBiaoShi move. As guide, according to the relative staff radio communicationcall, called a person, such as, the driver according to the LED display that call information content; Can also make and units responsible persons are calling people to bring ShouBiaoShi move immediately accept the guide call at any time. Office radio communicationimprove enterprise units in the middle of the office collaborative efficiency, the key is the beginning of the simple communication. Three color door light function, 12 music optional, extension of grouping selects features, voice number, the volume can be set up, the volume automatic conversion mixer extension for day and night the bell switch: broadcast machine host is equipped with the bell switch button, to adapt to the different needs, the host has three nursing level trichromatic lamp, room related extension door lamp emergency button, emergency button pieces do not take up extension can be connected to the network can also be used in the electronic medical record on the computer, and also can install external pieces LED display can call recording effect hospital ward nursing wireless calling system.
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