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The son duong district digital intercom wholesale price

by:Nanfone     2020-11-22
The son duong district digital intercom wholesale price a hair, home delivery, large amount of preferential, intends to contact telephone WeChat clustering by authorized support. At the same time with family - digital repeater and an on-board units form a series solution of digital communication systems, such as extensible recording, diffuse swim more functions, such as at a higher cost performance and more abundant functions meet the demand of communication applications in different industries. The following is the product of specific parameters, DP585 is made - launched a new professional digital interphone, support for digital and analog dual mode, adaptive/a function which can realize smooth transition simulation system. Can realize smooth transition simulation system. Through double time slots to accommodate more group communication: using TDMA time slot technology to improve spectrum efficiency greatly by, in addition to supporting the double time slot in transit mode function, at the same time support through the double time slot mode communication, on the basis of limited frequency resources can double channel capacity, alleviate the pressure of the multiple peak of communication through information, ensure real-time communication open. GPS( Optional) : built-in high precision GPS module, scheduling system. In which some of these services perfect explosion-proof interphone manufacturers also expensive energy boost its explosion-proof professional ability, generally explosion-proof design scheme of explosion-proof interphone important rf connector consists of chassis, rechargeable batteries and spare parts, etc. Waterproofing design of fouling resistance to water pollution prevention and explosion-proof type in this class should be explosion-proof interphone, a design scheme on the basis of the waterproof resistance to fouling can be guaranteed in the whole process of equipment used is not because of the ecological environment problem in communication is not smooth.
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