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The upcoming county foot washing room pager wholesale express delivery

by:Nanfone     2020-11-16
Upcoming county foot washing room pager wholesale express distribution strong penetrating distance pager wholesale direct manufacturers, large amount of merit, have intention to please contact telephone or WeChat mainly used to display the ward, patient, director of the department, the nursing information such as long, doctor, nurse, requires flexible door identifier, can be removed, to do laser engraving, printing, meet different hospital decoration design style; TFT high-resolution digital color LCD screen, the material is A new rule, master control chip, adopts ARM architecture; Can query the nursing care in and out of the room; Emergency call, the call of the head of a bed or toilet room the door the door of the room must be equipped with flashing red lights indicate, nursing into room normally on the back light green indicator; Teahouse radio communicationis divided into two parts, the call and reception, guest use part is the pager, general installation on the counter, when the guest need to find the waiter order, add water, invoicing, no longer need a loud cry, just click on the loudspeaker, the waiter can be received by the bar or its carrying guests call at a time, very convenient, quick, both from the guest to find the waiter need to leave seat Shouting and dinner also beautify the environment, improve the efficiency of the waiter a job. Teahouse TXD02 tape wireless pager pager function call service: customers are placed in service desk, used to receive the guest key contact information. Specification: 120 * 85 * 55 ( mm) , the shell material: ABS engineering plastics; 170 x 87 x 4 (menu panel: mm) Material: imported acrylic; Power supply: 1 section 12 v ( 6) making models: Laminated batteries; Key: the five key; Function: put here or private rooms. The guest need to press the button when the service, transmit digital signals to show host, service personnel will be in time to come to service. Small thin pager on the table for each booth Internet cafe, teng xingda wireless receiving host placed in service desk, service personnel wrist wear watch of wrist of mobile type receiving host APE660 online leisure customers at Internet cafes have a need to press the hand teng xingda pager send contact information, placed in the front desk of the receiving host and mobile host can synchronize incoming call information, accurate display call seat number, voice, music, or vibrations and reminded the waiter to service.
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