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Tongcheng city room pager wholesale express delivery

by:Nanfone     2020-11-13
Tongcheng city room radio communicationwholesale express delivery elderly care quality, safety and other issues. If the service personnel is limited, each position of the old man cannot receive timely care, there will be a problem or urgent ask for help. If you can't call the staff, the staff will not be able to get the old man's place in time and call information category, cannot respond in a timely and effective manner, can cause irreparable damage and consequences. In addition, the management of the nursing home with the help of modern information technology, electronic technology and information software technology to realize the intelligent and automation. Real-time positioning, including a list of real-time location information and map real-time positioning information, position call: general phone Numbers ( Such as the elderly normal telephones) Automatic identification of intelligent management and system emergency remind the phone; General turn ratio is quite high. After receiving the data can go to disposal. This kind of information, the watch shows: on the first floor dormitory east zhang so-and-so calls; Emergency call need to preset by software. The conditions of the emergency calls related to, place and personnel. Such as can set up automatic inspection of sleep 11 PM. Basically has the following several aspects, and improve the service response speed; - Can guarantee the on-call. Customer call service process more simple and a click, don't look in all directions, Shouting and waving, etc. Guests will not be embarrassed to call service, is nobody's business. Is beneficial to create a good dining and consumption environment; - Don't cry service, the guests more relaxed, environment will be more quiet. The waiter can answer guest calls at any time by carrying information; - Even if the waiter in room service. Internal people, please give notice and communicate with each other is must produce a day, especially in the guide is find, managers find subordinates, etc. And it can guide for subordinates, quickly into the office internal guide issued an order quickly, reasonable efficiency, improve unit interaction between necessary special tools. Loudspeaker can be divided into the office much, much of the call. To: a guide to call several subordinate. In guide the office put five key pager, or computer keyboard type intelligent pager.
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