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Wash feet gongjing room pager wholesale express delivery

by:Nanfone     2020-11-11
Gongjing foot washing room pager wholesale express delivery direct manufacturers, strong penetrating power wireless pager, detailed please WeChat telephone contact 60 db power: AC220V 50 hz bus voltage: 22 v wire requirements ( Communication distance) : 1 - 100 m ( Diameter of 0. More than 75 mm square meters ( More than one square millimeters in diameter m ( 1 in diameter. More than 5 mm square) Product features, Chinese LCD display of menu operation, three color door light function, 12 music optional, extension of grouping selects features, voice number, the volume can be set up, the volume during the day night pieces pieces automatic conversion extension for broadcasting machine ring switch: the host with the bell switch button. Interrogation room display system, wireless Jin Hui interrogation room wireless alarm system, is composed of radio buttons, door head display screen, when staff into an interrogation room work, press the button in the screen door, according to work, the press is free, door head display shows free. Know which room is empty when implementation work, which room is in the office, so as to improve the work efficiency, save a lot. Chengdu xingda teng intelligent technology co. , LTD. ( YuanYongLian communication) Was founded in 2007, is a focus radio communicationresearch and development manufacturing sales of high-tech enterprises; Hospital service | | | | | bank school nursing home hotel hotel | | teahouse restaurant. Nursing intercom, Building more, multilayer, general control management) , this set of general control system is mainly used for, how building floors, centralized management, nursing, medical, elderly apartments and other places, in the office at night, can receive different districts, each floor extension calls at the same time to carry on the intercom. Host computer group control room host, floor, floor controller, door light, extension, emergency button,. Extension of call time, floor hosts transmit the signals to a floor controller.
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