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West city hospital wholesale manufacturers call WeChat pager call system

by:Nanfone     2020-11-16
West city hospital wholesale manufacturers call WeChat pager call system such as call room 608, building 6 toilet, speech XX tower beds in the room XXX XXX sickbed extension calls, call 208 room 126, tower 2, such as bed, room 208, building 2 126 bed call; Hospital ward nursing talkback system, the system structure by 'medical host, double-sided screen corridor, ward three color door lights and hospital beds of extension, waterproof bathroom emergency call button,. By standing host power supply, to ward door lamp, corridor double-sided screen bedside extension emergency call ext power supply. Connection status signal can be real-time display system. This site with an ageing society, the rapid development of the empty nest and sick, will make more and more old people live in a nursing home or home endowment service center. Old man more and more, thus brings to the existing pension management on the pressure, the old man nursing quality and safety issues highlighted, if the service personnel is limited, can't timely to each position of the old man, old man burst problem or emergency, unable to contact the staff or workers can't timely and accurate access to the site of the old man and call information categories. JHD - call intercom extension F2003S call system of high-tech enterprises the company independent research and development of 'Jin Hui da' brand call system, over the years has been widely used in various places, chengdu xingda teng intelligent technology co. , LTD. ( YuanYongLian communication) Was founded in 2007, is a focus pager research and development manufacturing sales of high-tech enterprises; Hospital service | | | hotel nursing home industry such as loudspeaker system and pager wholesale factory, the dormitory - - - - - - - JHD - metal riot call intercom extension F office - - Quad bus host JHD hospital pager pager jail pager interrogation room nursing home alarm system ( Wireless) Interrogation room alarm system ( Network) Interrogation room command intercom ( Bluetooth) Cell visible interphone, Network) Interview room door head display ( Wireless) Door head show host control button to visit intercom radio communicationhotel cafeteria pager bank pager other pager. Panoramic and close shot video calls: each ICU bedside to deploy a web camera, from close shot video switch to the panoramic video recording, sound recording or video recording of the process in which to call, and can record the call, and recording video files can be stored directly on the extension and the host, can also be exported to a computer and storage; Support extension, host, free time, can automatically upload the recording video file on the specified. Get in a word, during the visit, in families and medical staff cut in China by its standing host for operation.
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