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Wholesale channel pager foot washing room a

by:Nanfone     2020-11-11
Wholesale channel radio communicationfoot washing room a interested please search taobao shop: wireless electric equipment leasing company have intention to please search taobao shop: wireless electric equipment leasing company have intention to please search taobao shop: wireless electric equipment leasing company all kinds of radio communicationspot second hair! Cycle can be set four partitions, can also set up four groups regularly radio and broadcast content; Transfer function, custody, alarm, record query, opened the door, prompt functions; With 1, 2 short circuit output road switch input port, the RS485 communication interface; 1 can be an external large screen display function; 1 support USB mouse control functions; Can cross 1 can access, have LAN segment. Technical parameters, the power supply: DC12V; 5 w or less power consumption; , the big 6 w working temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, function characteristics, telephone, intercom, call other medical host or sickbed extension answering the door machine, ward call, call the list of information packet radio ward hosting service equipment online monitoring of time switch machine and upgrade, extensions, monitoring ward of the associated network camera is made of 10 inches or more color LCD display screen, a resolution of pixels, desktop, can support the call list, according to medical personnel can be hands-free or the receiver to handle the call; Procurement: intercom extension of the head of a bed. 3 inch JHD - IP200 - F04 * indicates mandatory, name: the head of a bed model intercom points JHD - IP200 - F05 specifications, 5 mm screen: 5 inch TFT color LCD screen resolution operating mode: touch. Rapid transmission function keys: TCP/IP network input power supply: 12 v DC power: standby working temperature: 3 w 5 w c relative humidity: 10% Installation method: 90% wall-mounted patient information display.
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