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Wulian pager factory wholesale manufacturers selling

by:Nanfone     2020-11-17
Wulian radio communicationfactory wholesale manufacturers selling factory direct sale, strong penetrating power wireless pager, detailed please WeChat telephone contact are powered by the power distribution cabinet, each unit set up a power distribution cabinet, to be a ward extension door lamp, emergency call extension of power supply. Ward door machine through power box for electric lock and its own power supply. Simulation structure of a power more than four beds extension support, sickbed extension super five kinds of cable between control within 50 m. Can be realized between the hospital and sickbed patients call, intercom, radio, and other functions, and support multi-level management model. Application places: hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes, confined center hospital ward nursing the intercom. As the system structure by 'medical host, double-sided screen corridor, the bed of extension, waterproof bathroom emergency call button,. Host by station power supply, the corridor double-sided screen nearby take electricity, extension, emergency button batteries. Realize the patient calls, emergency stop calling station toilet. Functions overview, the host voltage: DC - 9 v / 1 a working frequency: 315 MHZ or 433 MHZ, modulation mode: ASK, and receive sensitivity: in 112 db. Wireless call system, Teahouse, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, restaurant) , as people's living standards increasing, more and more high-grade places all around us, each service quality determines their product competitiveness, Jin Hui wireless call system, can improve work efficiency and the consumer experience, has been accepted by the masses of customers, become a venue for the opening of the necessary hardware. Jin Hui of wireless calling system using frequency modulation amplitude modulation technology developed by the combination of wireless calling system is widely applied in place.
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