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Wutongqiao district north intercom wholesale manufacturers selling

by:Nanfone     2020-11-23
Wutongqiao district north intercom wholesale manufacturers selling walkie talkie lease price average 10 yuan a day ( Indoor activities, small venues such as the market promotion, etc) Better a 20 day ( The outdoors, adventure travel for important meeting performance such as court) Public the interphone 50 one day a ( Road, such as the marathon distance requirement) Chengdu xingda, MOTOROLA T92 interphone outdoor drive hand T80 / T80EX upgrade basic analog frequency range 409 MHZ - products category 410 MHZ channel interval number 20 channel 12. 5 KHZ functional features IP67 waterproof and dustproof fuselage color yellow product size mm product weight 233 g accessories and options to host the x1 x1 back clip x1 battery charger x1 instruction x1 this radio has a waterproof IP67 level. Battery short circuit capacity is on 23 + 2 ℃ for the testing results of the natural environment ( In order to 0. 2 times the battery capacity current) 。 The same piece of battery charge/discharge capacity by current harm is big, the smaller the greater the current discharge. Such as 1 piece of 1800 mah battery to shutdown current discharge can put 1900 mah, but is likely to send current discharge only 1800 or lower. Actual operation and the harm of batteries: something is wrong fall, hit, pressure, is likely to lead to the internal electrode wire, destroy and lithium batteries opened fire device falls down; Nickel metal hydride batteries ( NickeMetalHydride) Battery: more than 18 months. Lithium ion battery and lithium polymer battery ( Lithiumlon /聚合物) Battery: more than 18 months. Warm prompt storage already used walkie-talkie batteries, please 50% charge and discharge, and stored in a cool, dry bath. The reminder for must stop using the battery less than 30 days. Warm prompt every application has already been disabled walkie-talkie batteries over 2 months.
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