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Xinluo district a foot washing room pager wholesale

by:Nanfone     2020-11-14
Xinluo district foot washing room pager wholesale a strong penetration distance radio communicationwholesale direct manufacturers, large amount of merit, have intention to please contact telephone or WeChat normal display, calendar, entered the room when the nursing care can be shown; Ward call, cycle show that call content; Toilet emergency calls, according to call the room number and call types; Support multiple scroll slogans or call news. Type: teng xingda JHD - IP200 - S1625 inch double line of LCD, resolution, banners, according to call news according to the first level display, flashing/roll/static display a variety of ways, with voice rings times/no call display visual. Used to and care for patients with call intercom, an extension with the call handle, handle request connection, easy replacement and maintenance, flexible cord length to ensure that persons who can touch, name: nursing station JHD - workbench main models IP200 specifications: mm screen: 10. 1 inch TFT digital color LCD screen resolution: 1024 x 600 video playback: 1080 p operation mode: touch screen mode of transmission: TCP/IP network input power supply: 12 v DC power: standby 2. 5W。 Wireless call system, Teahouse, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, restaurant) , along with the increasing people's living standard, more and more high-grade leisure place is all around us, each service quality determines their product competitiveness, teng xingda wireless call system, can promote leisure place the work efficiency and the consumer experience, has been the vast number of customer recognition and become a leisure place the opening of the necessary hardware. Teng xingda wireless calling system using frequency modulation amplitude modulation technology developed by the combination of wireless calling system is widely used in leisure places.
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