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Xiuyu district spring intercom wholesale express delivery

by:Nanfone     2020-11-20
Springs of xiuyu district sheng intercom wholesale express delivery are interested please search taobao shop: wireless electric equipment leasing company also can call me or add WeChat contact ( Telephone and WeChat ID) If necessary, can contact customer service online, basic parameters XiR GP328D + VHFUHF channel capacity 32 5 w power output frequency interval of 12 MHZMHZ channel. 5 KHZ / 25 KHZ weighs about 290 grams ( Standard 1650 mah battery) About 300 grams ( Compact 2050 mah battery) About 322 grams ( Compact 3000 mah battery) Intercom size about mm ( High thick x width x 1650 mah) Mm ( High thick x width x 2050 mah) Mm ( Bx thick wide x 3000 mah) Digital/analog battery standard 1650 mah battery 16/12 hour and 15. 5/11. Hours of compact digital/analog battery 2050 mah battery 19/14 20/15 hour. Hours big digital/analog battery capacity is 3000 mah battery 28/21 29/22 hour. Hours. Bluetooth wireless communication specification as small category, a larger advantage is that electronic products in the middle can according to the bluetooth wireless network connection, to eliminate the traditional cable connection. Everybody everyday life more understand bluetooth headset, bluetooth stereo is the basic principle. In recent years, interphone industry further combining with new technology new technology, bluetooth intercom there is a big improvement. Intercom supplement bluetooth headset application, not only can release the voice of his hands, also can have our voice calls. You can see, this intercom left flank, PTT button below, there are two small button: respectively is 'channel, channel - The function of the 'key. Look like this, short press the corresponding small key, respectively, to make channel switching. But note that the switch directly, sometimes talk back opportunity to send a warning sound, so advice: press the PTT button first, then channel switching. In addition, SZ - 888 also features with a LED flashlight, long press 'channel - 'Key, can open or close the LED flashlight. Important basis and rechargeable battery explosion proof design put on explosion-proof valve on the plastic casing and the reasonable design of explosion-proof type line to avoid short circuit fault in the form of common failures and, above all on the basis of the rechargeable battery maintenance PCBPCB circuit board design to improve the flameproof professional ability. Spare parts rf connector type explosion-proof explosion-proof interphone design has no other radio antiknock performance, therefore it can be many applications in flammability geography environment and geographical environment.
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