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Yong xiu county pager wholesale price

by:Nanfone     2020-11-13
Permanent fix room pager wholesale price how many teng county xingda pager manufacturer wholesale, using large amount of preferential, express delivery order delivery easily, have intention to please contact phone number or WeChat jail industries pager system and radio communicationwholesale manufacturers, standing - Standing in the ICU talkback host JHD - 加护病房, End - Z, and their families - - - - - - ICU host JHD - visit their families 加护病房, J, ward - - JHD - 10 inch visible interphone extension ICU - - Visible interphone extension support JHD - 加护病房, What ZJ had chengdu xingda teng intelligent technology co. , LTD. ( YuanYongLian communication) Was founded in 2007, is a focus pager research and development manufacturing sales of high-tech enterprises; Hospital service | | | | | bank school nursing home hotel hotel | | teahouse restaurant. Real-time positioning, including a list of real-time location information and map real-time positioning information, position call: general phone Numbers ( Such as the elderly normal telephones) Automatic identification of intelligent management and system emergency remind the phone; General turn ratio is quite high. After receiving the data can go to disposal. This kind of information, the watch shows: on the first floor dormitory east zhang so-and-so calls; Emergency call need to preset by software. The conditions of the emergency calls related to, place and personnel. Such as can set up automatic inspection of sleep 11 PM. Wiring is simple: network using TCP/IP protocol to transmit data construction is convenient, networking materials mainly is super five line, wire is simple, end products can plug and play, long-distance transmission, using TCP/IP networking for there is no limit to the transmission distance, convenient system expands, multi-channel communication: using TCP/IP networking technology, which can realize the point-to-point signal transmission, networking support multi-channel call intercom system openness: the standardized standardized intercom transport protocol.
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