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Yongchang county hospital wholesale cheap wholesale pager call system

by:Nanfone     2020-11-13
Yongchang county hospital radio communicationwholesale cheap wholesale have intention to please call system taobao search shops: a wireless electric equipment leasing company have intention to please taobao search shops: a wireless electric equipment leasing company have intention to please taobao search shops: a wireless electric equipment leasing company all kinds of radio communicationspot second hair! As the system structure by 'medical host, double-sided screen corridor, the bed of extension, waterproof bathroom emergency call button,. Host by station power supply, the corridor double-sided screen nearby take electricity, extension, emergency button batteries. Realize the patient calls, emergency stop calling station toilet. Functions overview, the host voltage: DC - 9 v / 1 a working frequency: 315 MHZ or 433 MHZ, modulation mode: ASK, and receive sensitivity: in 112 db. Provide a standard open interface, strong anti-jamming capability, the audio and video, control signals using digital networking, lossless transmission upgrade extend convenient: strong extensibility features, touch display: station host: use the touch screen operation, can visit key call extension extension or beds, bed extension, interruption, different operations such as forced to hang up; Visual intercom: station host and sickbed extension intercom: can directly with ICU beds extension station host can call each other, are visible interphone. Site medical intercom function characteristics, audio echo elimination technique, solve the network intercom echo, and the noise. High-definition two-way visual intercom, broadcast use MP phone use 32 k audio sampling. Big screen digital true color screen, vivid, Chinese display interface, simple operation; Smart touch operation. Embedded architecture, can prevent 'an invasion of a system crash, and other issues. Connected to the hospital HIS system, can read, calling HIS system database of patient information.
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